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Tired of juggling multiple social media accounts? Introducing Data Motus, the all-in-one platform that simplifies your digital life. Consolidate your content from across all your favorite platforms – photos, videos, stories – into one seamless timeline. But Data Motus goes beyond mere organization. It unlocks the power of your data with ChatGPT integration. Have a question about your social media footprint? Just ask! TymeBoxx taps into the cutting-edge technology of OpenAI to give you personalized insights and answers, helping you understand your online presence and make the most of it.  It’ll be a great B2B API service for Social Media Managers, with the ability to ask questions of their data using eventual services such as NLP/Q (natural language processing / querying) in Power BI.

You can also use TymeBoxx to create Generative AI tweets based on your historical social media data (currently we allow data consolidation from your Facebook, X/Twitter and Instagram accounts, with several more apps to follow).  See a high-level overview of the product here, including the base technology we plan to use to build it out.  This summary of TymeBoxx shows how the base technology of Decentralized Identities and OpenAI can help to greatly empower each citizen.  You can also see a technical summary of the product, which goes into the data processing and 13 APIs we built that consolidates and categorizes your social media data for use in TymeBoxx, as well as the ChatGPT4 service of generating tweets from your contentThe product is  currently being hosted in Azure, so if you’d like to try it out please contact the CEO, Steve LeMay for a demo of the technology (in Postman, and API tool; no front end UI built yet).

We are also actively engaged in looking for investors who want to be a part of not only this effort at Data Motus, but in our wider effort to build democracy-as-a-product solutions via our main startup, Social Change PlatformsSee this intro video on TymeBoxx as we apply to the Neo Accelerator fund.

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What we at Data Motus are trying to accomplish is both simple and revolutionary at the same time.

We want to usher in the inevitable new world of the web, also known as Web3, but do it in a way that transforms all aspects of our digital lives in a positive way for the citizen and the consumer.

The word ‘Motus’ is a Latin term that has many root meanings, such as Advance, Emotion, Movement, Passion, Progress, Rebellion and Revolt.  It is in this spirit that we want people to think of Data Motus as a company and a new kind of technology movement – a digital revolution that you initiate and control.  That is the mission.

It’s our goal to create free-flowing movement of data / information with respect to every citizen and/or consumer; both in terms of their own data and how it’s being used (or misused), and in terms of their data (intellectual property) being able to find the best-fit solution or most appropriate destination based on its inherent market value.

But that of course is not enough. From there we aim to empower the citizen and/or consumer with the most powerful, transparent and efficient set of technologies and services in the world to allow them to make real-time decisions about how their data is being used (or misused), as well as lead the way in ushering in the ability to own one’s creativity and be best equipped to self-monetize it in this digital world. Also, on the public sector side it means a new level of transparency and accountability in our public sector services, with visibility into every process / decision end-to-end, which means a more informed public. In the end, it all adds up to a new era in terms of digital sovereignty for the individual.


We want to usher in a new level of transparency and accountability in every possible space, public sector and private sector, with respect to digital sovereignty and creating a fairer and more just world:

Decentralized Identities (DIDs)

This technology is the backbone of the next generation of the web / Web3. It will provide everyone with the ability to own their creativity, track and control all actions associated with their data from an access perspective (if required) and be the tech foundation from which all data-related interactions and even transactions can pass through. It also will be the source of solving for digital identity theft, as it moves us from central identifiers (emails / usernames, passwords) to decentralized identifiers (verified credentials) and even use of our own personal crypto or NFTs (non-fungible tokens) via the use of digital wallets. It can even be the foundation for our larger plan of building ‘digital cities’ and moving into a more democratic and transparent government infrastructure, where every citizen can see where their tax dollars are going, how their personal data are being used, and create a whole new level of accountability in the public sector. See more examples in this space, and even how we can turn democracy into a product and offer everyone, especially communities of color, the ability to own their piece of democracy and even earn generational wealth from those systems at our affiliate organization called Social Change Platforms.

Blockchain Data Governance

Placing all web infrastructures on the blockchain will not only allow for greater efficiency / free flowing movement of all data to its rightful destination, but it will also create an environment of unprecedented transparency and accountability – in both the public and private sectors – and even lay the groundwork for self-monetization of your data. We pledge to offer complete transparency to both how we are storing your data and how to access it within any environment we build, whether it be in a more traditional storage environment (blob storage, MongoDB, etc.) for current Web2 environments, or within newer Web3 blockchain-based environments, we will ensure that we employ the same level of transparency to our data lifecycle management procedures that the blockchain allows; the highest ever.

Foundation Model Buildout Meets Data Integrity / Privacy Laws

This is the heart of the Web3 movement; allowing individuals to own their creativity by embedding the various data rights, privacy laws, industry regulations / standards, etc. as smart contracts (or otherwise) within everyone’s DID, so that all data that passes through it must abide by those standards (thus creating day-1 compliance infrastructures), but also creating a new level of autonomy and creative ownership with respect to setting your own terms and conditions for your intellectual property / data that you wish to share with others. By using processes such as text-to-code conversion services of OpenAI and building your own data handling procedures so the transparency on its use is built into the environments, we will introduce new methods to public and private sector entities on how to properly align industry data handling standards (HIPAA, FINRA, CCPA, GDPR, etc.) with your external environments; thus guaranteeing the data sovereignty rights of all individuals who come into contact with it.

Community / User-driven Development

The approach to software development, it can be argued, is even more important than the technology you plan to employ. It’s all about the process, and how you involve the people most affected by the planned results. That’s why we at Data Motus will employ a collaborative, interactive and engaging process towards the buildout of our technology wherever possible. There are several ways in which this can be done, but we are looking at doing this with our sister organizations in a unique and community-led way, one of which is outlined here by showing how these for-profit and non-profit entities will work together to build these Social Change Platforms, or of how the many different public (and private) sector systems we can build can become tax-based democratic investments that citizens own and can earn generational wealth from. It all represents the next generation of community-driven democratic movements that Web3 will inevitably usher in, and we at Data Motus want to be at the forefront of that movement.

Open-Source Code and Infrastructures

We pledge to use only open-source code in all our development efforts, whether it’s within products we develop, API services we create for cloud use, or in our consulting efforts. This is part of the problem with the current landscape, as closed-source code and harmful algorithms on popular social media apps and search engines rule the day. This is not the Data Motus way; freedom of movement also means 100% understanding of what data sets are being used (i.e., in the algorithm(s) employed) and what the intended results will be. That is the standard by which we will work; and that includes not only using 100% open-source code (that can be verified be independently verified), but also open-source infrastructures like the AT Protocol from Blue Sky Web, an initiative that looks to create greater transparency in the social media landscape, which you can learn more about here.

Movement Towards Data Sovereignty and Self-Monetization

The combination of everything outlined above and the general buildout and acceptance of Web3 infrastructures overall can only mean one thing: a paradigm shift in the world as it relates to the control and use of information; in other words, the decentralization of our world. Because once you decentralize the control of data, you decentralize everything about it: the cost structures, the revenue streams, the approval processes for next-step advancement, the ownership and control of those processes – everything. This is what the advent of Web3 truly means, and it is our mission at Data Motus to be at the forefront of that movement, by advancing the most empowering and transparent set of technologies and services the world has to offer. For an example, see the Physical Health Data Marketplace proposal for L.A. Fitness we created, also accessible from the Social Change Platforms website.

Advanced Analytics

Along these same lines, we want to create very advanced, next-generation services with respect to providing real-time analytics in a user-friendly format for all individuals so they can make accurate and timely decisions based on the data they are analyzing. We’ll use the same Foundation Model approach to offer services like NLP/NLQ (Natural Language Processing / Querying, asking questions of your data), sentiment analytics, anomaly detection and more. We will offer these BI and analytics services within the environments we develop and ensure that all users can access and use these services from any device.


This work is vitally critical to our sovereignty as individuals in this new data-driven world; and is inevitable, simply from the standpoint of the unstoppable evolution of the Web and coming world of Web3. We are simply preparing for it earlier than most and wanting to create a great working example of the coming digital empowerment space and do it in a very related field for everyone to experience.
That’s why our initial move into this space will be with our TymeBoxx product, where we will implement many of these empowering technologies to the social media community, showing what true content and digital freedom really looks like. Please see the TymeBoxx Overview for more information.


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